31 August 2016

27 August 2016

Science of Getting Rich - Days 3 4 & 5

I forgot to update my blog, so here are days 3, 4 & 5 of my Science of Getting Rich experience.  They are not necessarily about the programme, though some of them will reflect it in some way.

24 July 2016

The Science of Getting Rich

I joined this Facebook group last month and have not looked back except for now, in order to tell you about it.
I read the book 'The Science of Getting Rich' and then every day for 30 days I read the 4 key chapters as guided by the group founder Diane Leigh.  Please do take some time to check this out if you are looking to become rich in all abundance of life.
I will be posting images that I produced during the 30 days and will continue to do so for my next 30 days.  I hope you like them.  Here are days 1 and 2:

30 March 2015

Easter Crochet

Although made last year I thought they were just right for posting just before Easter this year.

21 March 2013

My Miss Bennett

Here is My Miss Bennett.  Acrylic on canvas 2012

05 October 2012

Springboard 1

I started on a Springboard Women's Development course in September and attended the second session today.  So far it is interesting and I am hoping it will help me to identify how I want to develop both at work and at home and my leisure life.

25 January 2012

Cheeky Smiling Cake

This little fellow was one in a million.... well.. one in a doz!  He arrived along with a bunch of other cakes, but none of the others were as cute as this.

10 March 2011


Ink and Watercolour
Poppy seed pods produced around 2008

Above taken using a flash
Below taken without a flash

On the reverse I found another sketch of three poppy seed pods.

Landscape Rocks

Here I have uploaded two pictures I completed at college around 2008.  They are composed of red and blue tissue paper, ink and wax crayon.  I have used bleach to highlight the edges and bring some depth to the finished image.

21 February 2011

Knitted Blankets

Here are two brightly coloured blankets, made from knitted strips donated by a knitting group from MAST.  My task was to colour coordinate and arrange the strips in the most varied pattern as possible.  I tried to avoid having same coloured sections next to each other.  I have done quite well.  I used a crochet hook and red wool to double crochet the strips together and the same stich to edge each blanket.

This one would be suitable to lay on a single bed or as a knee shrug or wrap-around.  The wool is very soft and feels lovely and snuggly.

This one would lay over the top of a double bed quite happily.  They are both rather bright especially the orange/red one.

Infact either of these blankets might be good for someone who may benefit from the stimulating colours.

They both took quite a few hours of work just putting them together, never mind the time spent by others in the knitting.